Developmental Disability Services – Northern Kentucky

12885 Frogtown Connector Road, Walton, KY 41094

Volunteers of America’s Northern Kentucky Developmental Disability Services program includes three Supportive Living Homes that house three individuals each, three Group Living Homes housing six or seven individuals each, five family-based residential homes (adult foster care), community living supports, community access and case management.

Volunteers of America staff ensures that living arrangements are customized to each resident’s unique needs. Self-care skills are taught to participants in order to foster independence and enhance personal development. Skills include cooking, cleaning, money management, interpersonal relations, use of public transportation, and use of neighborhood resources.

Those who are able are encouraged to become involved in their communities, which is made possible through Volunteers of America’s in-home support staff, day programs, supportive employment, and other specialized services.

Admission criteria:

This program is funded in part by:

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