Liberty Place

1436 South Shelby Street, Louisville, KY 40217

Men’s Addiction Recovery Program

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When you are at Liberty Place, you will work hard to overcome your addiction and open the doors to a new, substance-free life. Our team of clinical professionals will have high expectations for you – goals to meet, skills to learn and challenges to overcome. You will be supported at every step by our compassionate staff and a community of peers working toward recovery.

At Liberty Place, we offer comprehensive treatment for substance use disorder. Through our evidence-based practices you will receive individual, group and family therapy and psychiatric care.

A Powerful, Proven Approach

Treatment that Works

*Data from 2023 client surveys and discharge summaries

Our Treatment Philosophy

Meet Rickey Green

Rickey J. Green is a VOA Liberty Place graduate, supporter and current Board member. Rickey came to VOA in 2006 struggling with substance use disorder. With the help of our Liberty Place – then Shelby Men’s Recovery – team, he found recovery and a new hopeful life. Eighteen years later Rickey is happily married with two children and using his musical talent to share his story and inspire others and show them that recovery is possible.

Before you leave VOA, not only are you stable in your long-term recovery, you have a job and have re-entered the work force and you’ve learned a skill or trade or you’ve returned to school.

– Jennifer Hancock, VOA’s President and CEO

To view the full 2022 PREA Audit Report click HERE.

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