Moral Injury and Preventing Suicide

MIPS Program

Serving Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana

VOA’s Moral Injury and Preventing Suicide (MIPS) program provides case management to connect veterans, active-duty members, and veterans who are first responders to mental health services that prevent suicide and address moral injury, bringing stability to them and their families.  

Through the MIPS program, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs aims to improve the mental stability to Veteran’s, their families, Active-Duty members, their families, and Veterans who are First Responders and their families by providing intensive case management and assisting participants to obtain VA benefits and other public resources. 

Eligible Veterans may receive Temporary Income Support dependent upon their unique situation. MIPS links Veterans and their family members with other appropriate service providers, including local VA Medical Center and Community-Based Outreach Clinics, veterans’ representatives at the Department for Employment Services, community-based services, and other service providers. Referrals and linkages are also made with partner agencies, and can include services for non-traditional therapy, food, clothing, legal, substance use treatment, health care, mental health counseling / treatment and job skills training.

Services or Referrals provided for:

  • Emergent clinic service referral
  • Wellness needs, Mental Health referrals
  • Non-traditional therapy (Equine,acupuncture, EDMR, etc.)
  • Financial planning counseling and budgeting/stability services/referrals
  • Vocational readiness and employment referrals/services
  • Childcare assistance/referrals
  • Substance use disorder counseling/referrals
  • Legal services/referrals
  • Social support services/referrals
  • Housing benefit referrals 
  • Assistance in applying for disability benefits 
  • Transportation assistance 
  • Emergency food assistance/referrals 
  • Gun locks 
  • Locked medication storage 
  • General housing supplies 
  • Childcare assistance/referrals 
  • Safe space 
  • Education in the community 
  • Temporary Income support assistance


Dustin Starnes, Program Manager at

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